The Shepherd of my soul

John 10:11 – Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd lays down His life for the sheep.

Sheep rearing was a common occupation in Palestinian region. Jesus used shepherding as a similitude to teach us about the purpose of His coming into the world. A shepherd leads his sheep to the green pastures, tends the flock, gently cares for them, and guards them from predators.

Sometimes sheep are subjected to brutal attacks of wolves. The Shepherd, putting his life at stake, fights with the wolves and saves the sheep from the cruel clutches. At the worst, the wolves may even attack and kill the shepherd. The death of the shepherd jeopardizes the life of sheep. Such incidents were quite common in those days.

However, Jesus as our good Shepherd died on the cross to save us from the penalty of our sin. We deserve death because of our sin – Rom 5:12. Jesus, being our substitute, took upon himself our punishment and died in our place. He died our death. Our faith in the death of Jesus delivers us from the penalty of our sin – Rom 3:24. Therefore, the death of Jesus is one hundred percent necessary for us.

Furthermore, Jesus says in John 10:17 – “I lay down My Life so that I may take it again“. The comforting message here is the victorious resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus rose again from the dead on the third day and He is alive to save us, lead us, guide us, and care for us. He is the TRUE LIVING SHEPHERD OF OUR SOUL  – 1 Peter 2:25.

What a comfort we have in following Him!

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