The Priority of Prayer in the Pursuit of Purity

Ps 86:11 “Teach me thy way, O Lord; I will walk in your truth; Unite my heart to fear your name.

King David understood that God’s help is necessary not only to understand the scripture, but also to obey. He first asks God to teach him the divine standards written in the scripture. He then resolves to abide by the standards as he says, I will walk in your truth. However, David realized that he doesn’t have inherent ability to abide and that he is prone to wander; and so, he asks God to unite his heart i.e. to give him a single-minded focus to fear and obey him.

It’s true that we are prone to wander, and so we need to rely upon His grace in the pursuit of purity. God delights in answering such prayers Matt. 5:6. The Psalmist prays, “I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your command” – Ps. 119:10. It is not enough to know the scripture, but it is more important to obey it.

When Jesus came into this world in His incarnation to redeem us from our sins, He use to spend time with the Father in prayer (Luke 6:12; 22:41-44). He was tempted in every way, but He was without Sin (Heb 4:15). When Jesus who is the perfect God-Man prayed, how much more should you and I PRAY. Prayer is an intimate communion with God, so pray more often.

practical lesson:

  • Think of ONE specific sin in your life, which you want to avoid.
  • Pray over it, knowing that our Lord is able to deliver Heb 2:18.

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