Love Gifts from the Samaritan Purse

God loves a cheerful giver  – 2 Cor 9:8.

It was a joyful moment for the Sunday School children at the Bethel Assembly Church, Visakhapatnam. The children have received love gifts from the Samaritan Purse Ministry. The event began with a word of prayer by Sis. G. Deva Sundari Ravi Kumar. Prior to the distribution, Pastor Satyanand Masa preached to the children on how God demonstrated His love for the world in giving His Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and give us Eternal life. He also shared about the giving ministry of the Samaritan purse and taught children on giving. The shoe boxes were segregated gender-wise and age-wise and are filled with useful stuff for the children. Children were filled with glee on receiving the gifts. Pastor Satyanand Masa, Pastor G. John Sundar Kumar, Pastor. G. Ravi Kumar, Sis. G. Deva Sundari Ravi Kumar, Sis. G. Helena Bro. C. R.K. Deva Royal, Sunday school teachers – Sis. C. Sarah and Sis. Esther Rani, and the youth of the church have participated in the distribution.


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