In Memory of Abraham John Ebenezer

It’s been a month since Abraham John Ebenezer Gandi left us and went to be with our Heavenly Father. We are rejoicing by the fact that he is with the Father, but we are missing him dearly.  We are longing to see him rejoicing with our Lord Jesus. Dear Johnny boy, the best child of faith we’ve ever seen.
On 17th August 2013 at 9 AM, Helena was having her birth pangs and was rushed into the labour room at AMG hospital, Vizag. After a long wait, the nurse came out and greeted us with a message – “It’s a boy”. What a joy it was for the family! Our faces were filled with glee, and we praised the Lord holding the sweet new born baby. We endearingly called him Johnny.
Having raised in a Christian family, Johnny came to know about Jesus as his Lord and Saviour, and he was taught Bible at home and in Sunday school, which eventually paved way for his salvation. God has granted him saving faith and he knew the Lord from a very early age.
Psalm 22:9 “Yet You are He who brought me forth from the womb; You made me trust when upon my mother’s breasts.”
Psalm 8:2 – “From the mouth of infants and nursing babes You have established strength”
The Lord ignited in him a passion to know Him and worship Him. Singing and worshipping the Lord was his favourite past time. Listening to Bible stories, praying during the family prayers, and memorizing verses was his childhood pastime.
While undergoing Chemotherapy, he memorized four Psalms (1, 23, 121, & 133) and won first prize in Sunday School. He also stood first in singing competition.
 As said “The child is the father of the man” – Johnny showed up passion to become a pastor at a very tender age. When asked what he wanted to become when he becomes old, he used to say, “I want to become an engineer and pastor like my daddy.”
He once gently confronted a brother in the church who was turning up late for Sunday church service. He also confronted another brother for roaming outside the church while the sermon was going on. He confronted a sister who closed her Bible and playing with her cell phone when the sermon was still going on.
He was so talkative and used to entertain our guests with his sense of humour. Johnny also loved his sister Alethia and used to keep her happy.
He learned the virtue of GIVING at a very early age. He offered the money he saved in his kiddy bank to an orphanage during his kindergarten.
His passion has made a lasting impact on many lives.
He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour when he was two years and three months. He went through three major brain surgeries, eighteen months of Chemotherapy, and sixty episodes of Radiation Therapy at the Christian Medical College, Vellore. Abraham was so cooperative even during the treatment. He used to suffer the pain caused by the treatment, yet with a smile. He used to say Jesus healed me, and I am fine.
On 10th January 2020 at 1:15 PM, he went to be with the Lord lying on the bed in his favourite room. Our great hope is in our Lord who gave us a hope of resurrection, and we are desperately looking forward to seeing him in his glorified body when he returns with Jesus.
On this day, we commemorate his favourite statements, which can be uttered only by a child of faith. The following statements are written in Telugu and translated into English:
1. mana votu yesayyake
– My vote is for Jesus (This was said during our state elections.)
2. nenu pedayyaka engineer pastor avutha
– I want to become an engineer and pastor like my Dad.
3. Mummy: Emi thinakapote neeku balam ekkada nundi vasthundi
Johnny: naku yesayya balam istharu kadamma
-Mummy: If you don’t eat how will you get strength.
Johnny: Jesus will give me strength.
4. nannu CMC Vellore nundi Yesayya Thecharu, yesayya Swasthaparicharu.
Jesus got me back from CMC Vellore. Jesus healed me.
5. naku emi kadu yesayya vunnaru kada
 – Nothing will happen to me because I have Jesus with me.
6. Daddy Naku noppiga vundi na kosam prardhana cheyandi.
Daddy I am having pain, please pray for me.
To memorialize ‘Johnny’ (as he was endearingly called), we want to start a Christian retreat center, which will be used to conduct residential bible training programs, Christian seminars, camping center, retreats for families, youth, and children. We also want to start an orphanage there and raise children in the fear of the Lord. We request you to pray that these efforts may bring lasting impact in the lives of people and thus, bring glory to God. We want to raise funds to buy a piece of land and build this Christian retreat center.
Helena being a medical doctor and specialized in Community Medicine wants to serve a cluster of villages and provide free medical support as well.


  • Bhanuprasad

    Very matured kid i have ever seen..
    When my child was of 3 months, he(johny) love to hold him and
    He said that ‘’evan ki 50 lakhs petti milk bottle kontanu…’’- I’ll buy
    a milk bottle worth 50 lakhs for evan…
    In this way he left us so many memories with everyone in our church and into our hearts..
    Still my elder son will get ready to church only if i say “we are going to johny ally”
    Missing him..

  • Veena

    Little Johnny – as I utter the name, a very cheerful face with big sparkling eyes and a wide grin flashes across my mind – a darling full of vitality with curiosity in his large eyes, brimming with life, a very naughty bearing, and adorable to the core.
    Johnny / Abraham would remain in the hearts forever.
    Wishing you strength – and good luck in your noble endeavor of starting the Christian retreat center
    Very well written – a heart rending and touching memoir!

  • Shiny Angel

    Johnny boy….my Jolly delight, Safe in the Arms of Our Lord…
    His Arms can bring magnificent melody from a bruised reed( He will not break it)
    His Arms can bring brilliant flame from a smoldering wick(He will not quench it)
    His Arms are unspeakably delicate and careful yet Indomitably mighty
    He applies strength to the vulnerability….thus bringing HOPE(Hold On Pain Ends)
    He tenderly tutors to the task He now consigned..

  • Samuel Sundaram

    Great testimony. May the Lord be your source of strength and comfort.

  • Enoch

    Johnny is a child with special characteristics. The way he greets the kids and even elderly in a friendly manner is super cool . Being named after his great grandfather, he had that inbuilt authority in the church I feel.
    The cute things he speak sometimes carry a deep insight as mentioned. He’s a very jubilant and vibrant kid and iam sure he won’t fade away from our memories.
    Thank you John Anna for letting us know his journey on this earth. Iam sure he’s rejoicing in God’s presence. May God bless and help the church in all further responsibilities. That’s very encouraging and inspiring.

  • L Siva Kumar

    Inspiring and lovely story, will be praying for your cause.
    Sovereign Lord we trust you.

  • Swapna

    Yes Anna.my dearest Johnny!
    We love him so much ,we never forget the days we spent with him,he loves Jesus so much,he love to listen the bible stories as you said.

    Love you Johnny.

  • Mrs. N Vidya

    Dearest Johnny..little champ…by reading this I came know about the noble cause u r trying..very all d best….very inspiring things about little one..may God bless u ppl with all d strength needed..

  • vijay

    Reading Johnny’s life and legacy left me with tears.

    “Daddy Naku noppiga vundi na kosam prardhana cheyandi’ -these words must have been very hard for you brother.

    Praising God for your unshakable faith.
    Rejoicing with you as he’s with his Creator
    Praying for your multifold ministry.

  • Tanuja

    What a child of faith…..Johnny
    Praise to the Lord who put such a faith in his heart

    I believe that “whatever the pain he suffered, was not at all in vain but it strengthened the muscle of faith”

    Praising God for HIS GREAT COMFORT, given to your family

  • Sridhar J Despot

    Johnny బాబు

    Is a very active, smart Child of GOD, with bright eyes that shows his reception to others in a friendly way

    He smiles with his eyes, yo
    We felt it and smiling back to him
    Very loveable Jr. Sunny
    He is always the subduer and overcomer over the other kids around him, we witness it when he played with our kids as well. He is …
    a L E A D E R, by birth
    We can see the qualities in him like he born with family legacy to be a leader for sure
    Very special Johnny
    We love him
    GOD loves him…
    Unparellel, Incomparable and incomprehensible to the extant that HE called Johnny to be with HIM
    He is in…. way… .better place, … HOME

  • Patti Peters

    I loved reading this memorial to your wonderful son, Abraham (Johnny) and learning what a little man of God he was! (He even looks like a little man in his three piece suit!) The Lord’s ways are certainly not our ways, but your Johnny obviously had an impact on many lives in his short years on this earth. Thank you for sharing the story of his life and faith. I pray that the plans you have to honor his life going forward will have great success and bear much fruit. Praying for your family in your sadness yet joy that Johnny is with Jesus.

  • Sudheer Bethapudi

    May the lord enable you to go through this difficult time ,you are in our prayers helena and sundar

  • Bathula Steaven Vinay Kumar

    Unto you Grace,mercy,and peace from God our father and Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means.The Lord be wit you.
    Its a good iniative Sunny babu to start the Christian retreat centre in memory of Johny Babu.
    We will surely remember and uphold ministry in our prayers.

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